Welcome to my blog.  I have started a company, who does not wish to make a living at woodworking, and I have decided to name it Vermont Distinctive Handcrafted Hardwood Furniture.

Now, I know that is a mouth full and I am trying to decide what to shorten it to.  So far I have come up with Vermont Distinctive.  If you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment.  Smart remarks will be read but I will probably not pay as much attention to them as to constructive comments.

I have made a number of pieces of furniture.  My family are my current victims.  They all think my stuff is wonderful.  That feels good but it is not helpful from the point of view of making my skills grow.  In general they are happy with whatever they get.

I have some favorite pieces.  I have pictures of some of them.  I have a friend, Rich D, who is an amateur photographer who I like to take all of my photos but unfortunately right now his time is consumed with family issues so I have not been able to get any recent photos.  I realize I should learn how to do it myself and Chris S has published enough good information that even I could do it but time spent taking pictures is not time spent making furniture.

For now my priority is to learn more about Word Press so that I can post and make updates and communicate with my following, that is if I ever get a following.