I have spent some time in my woodshop working on both the corner cabinet and the butcher block kitchen island. 

For the corner cabinet I did make rail and stile doors out of cherry and went with the butternut stained with red oak for the center of the doors.  For the drawer I put in drawer guides and then found out that the drawer was not quite flush with the front of the cabinet.

I have been working on my hand plane skills a little here and a little there.  I have some hand planes that I have purchased from Lee Valley.  A # 4 smoother and a # 5 low angle jack plane.  The mass of those planes really make a difference when it comes to both learning and succeeding at planing a surface.  Anyways, I put the drawer over an edge of my workbench and was able to take some off the front of the drawer so that it is now a nice flush surface.

Anyways, all of that happened 2 weeks ago.  I have not been able to spend any more time in my shop as my wife’s mother suddenly passed away on Feb 29th.  There are all of the mother-in-law jokes and I can tell you that none of them applied to this lady.  She was a joy to have around.  Her husband died in 2008, they had been married 58 years.  They first met during WWII.  They raised 3 children and I have the pleasure of being married to the youngest and most spoiled of them all, Stacie.

Five years ago we moved Mary to an apartment in our back yard.  Stacie runs a bed and breakfast so most of the time she is home and Mary would walk across the back yard and they would talk endless.  Mary had a boundless spirit and always had a smile for everybody.  She never failed to ask about my son and my mother.  As she talked she would chuckle. 

Mary carried her faith like a torch that lit the path she walked.  She is currently with her husband and sisters who all predeceased her.  God bless her.  Now it is time to comfort the living.  My best friend has told me ‘it is not good bye but good night, as we will see each other again in the future’.  Amen

I am slowly telling others about my blog with the hopes that someday I will have a following.

I just got finished watching Lee Tigner’s 6th episode of his reclaimed lumber series.  At the end it showed a lot of sinker cypress and long leaf pine.  I worked with Capt Alec to get some of each and made a sideless side table, I just posted the picture.

If you have never gotten any or thought about getting some I strongly suggest you do.