So, my 6 year old grandson spent the weekend with us while our son went to a sibling dinner.  Of the 3 kids only Adrian has given us a grandson, Kai, so far.  Adrian, his sister Krysta and husband Clay and his brother, Dylan, spent the evening together doing what ever siblings do.

Kai was not the healthiest, at one point yesterday he was running at 101 fever.  But it is amazing how quickly they bounce.   A little Tylenol and off they go.

He gets up this morning at 4:30 with a coughing fit.  Stacie got up with him and settled him down while I slept in to 6:30, yippee.  After the morning shower, some tea and a bowl of cereal I decided to ‘attack’ my to do list starting with putting up the new T8 lights in the garage.  Kai was still not feeling the best so he was hanging out on the couch while Sissy went to church.

I few minutes later he popped in to the shop with his coat and hat on, it was chilly on Sunday morning.  He promptly asked ‘what are you going to help me make out of wood’.  Well, wasn’t that a pleasant surprise from his typically spend all day watching TV.

So I asked him what he wanted and his response was ‘a table’, about this high and this wide and this color.  The kid knows his mind.  A few hours later and having had to wait for the glue to dry for the top he decided he wanted to put the apron and legs together with screws or nails so it would be quicker.

When finished he had to show Sissy and take it in the house to find just the perfect place for it.  He fixed snacks and put them on his new table.   Somewhere in the whole mix he says to me ‘I think I am going to change my mind about what I want to be when I grow up’.  I said oh yeah, what is that.

‘A woodworker instead of a basketball player’.

There you go, that is how it happens.