My daughter, Krysta, is expecting her first child.  Wow, seems like it was only yesterday that we were going to Father / Daughter Dinner Dances and it was a big deal that she got a corsage from her Father.

When my first grandchild, Kai, was born I got a pattern for what is called a 3 in 1 bed.  I asked his parents if they wanted it and they declined.  I hoped there would be another grandchild so I put it away waiting for that wonderful day when I would be told our kids were bringing another little on in to the world.

My daughter and son-in-law, Clay, were excited about me making the bed so I got started.  The cut list went from A to BB.  And some of the components had as many as 26 parts.  Most of my woodworking is on the weekend as such it took what felt like months to cut out parts and making piles around my shop.

I was just about at the point where I was going to have to start something else because I really wanted to assemble something when all of the pieces fell in to place.  It is a great pattern in that in 2 week ends I had all of the parts assembled and I have now moved on to finishing.

Many people grumble about finishing and I am one of them.  I have tried poly, solvent and water based, tung oil, spar vanish and lacquer to name a few.  I had gotten to the point where I really like lacquer for 2 reasons.  It dried quickly and because of the solvent it would dissolve some of the previously deposited layer and form a bond.  The down side is that the fumes are essentially toxic.  If you do not do it in a really well ventilated space you are going to quickly start feeling funny.

I have been encouraged for years to use shellac but never crossed that bridge.  I had always heard that it was supposed to be put on with a cloth rolled up in to a ball.   Seemed intimidating.  Awhile ago I finally decided to do some research and see if it is something I would start using.  I watched several videos on and realized that putting shellac on with a brush is acceptable.  I read there is a good brush called Teklon.

Where is all of this leading?  All of the parts of the bed are together and I am putting on shellac with a Teklon brush.  The entire bed is made out of cherry.  I started with a 1 pound cut shellac just to coat the wood.  I have a new mix, probably between 1.5 and 2 pound cut.  That is building faster.  I have learned that if you take a paper grocery bag and tear it in to pieces then wrinkle it you can end up with a really nice ‘sandpaper’ to sand off the nodules in the finish.

Anyways, everything is falling in place to be ready for the estimated February delivery date.

I will post pictures later